01 May 2012

Knee Braces

The shingles are complete on the front of the second floor, and we've decked it out with a little something extra: craftsman style knee braces.

Oliver looking out, ready for the great escape

There has been a good bit of progress around here, but not much worthy of pictures. Some dirt has been moved around, the back yard is sporting a hot pink spray paint outline of where the new retaining walls and pavers will go. New framing for the back storage cubbies. And most importantly, a new structural support beam the entire width of the house to replace the one that was rotten from the weather and apparently some heavy termite snacking. All very important things, but not terribly photogenic.

The guys were hard at work on the framing for the new porch when I left this morning. They poured the concrete for the posts yesterday, and I think I'll have something to show you tomorrow!