Saturday, October 27, 2007

House Tour: Entry After

And today, in October 2007... is Oliver, always ready to greet anyone coming in the front door.

We still want to replace the front door, and we have the perfect door propped in the basement, courtesy of my grandparents (found it in their barn, used to be on their house, grandma got tired of it, replaced). Gone are the thermal drapes and window cling. We think the banister and stairs look better without paint and carpet.

Oliver isn't so crazy about all that slippery wood floor, and he prefers the carpets because a doggie gets better traction for running and tugging.


Nate said...

Wow, what a transformation! I applaud your paint-stripping skills. I have a staircase to strip someday.. grumble... but I hope mine turns out that well. How bad did it suck stripping the fluted wood on the door opening?

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Oh, nate, I have a confession... we had the woodwork done by professionals. My mom decided she wanted to see it done in her lifetime, so we hired people. They were fantastic, top notch, quality people. It is a good thing I liked them so well, because they were in my house five days a week for nearly six months. Mom and I did strip the woodwork in the upstairs bathroom ourselves, under the instruction of my favourite guy, Jack, and oh, boy is that ever hard work. It took us as long to do that one bathroom as it did for four people to do the rest of the house. But then again, they had better chemicals...