25 April 2008


We got a visit from the screen and storm window fairy today. Bill called earlier this week to tell me that he is nearly finished with the frames. He's brought them to the house , fit them in the windows, and made adjustments. One of these days mom and I will stain them, and return the frames to Bill and he will install the glass and screens. These are unique because they will be made to fit inside the small, square windows. A few screens came with the house, most of which I have put to good use, that Bill has used as a prototype for screens for the rest, and interior storms for all the small, square windows.
I also talked to Jack yesterday. He put a new piece of veneer on the future front door, but it didn't look good, and Jack was not satisfied with it. Then he got sidetracked with another project (that probably pays better), but he said he will start on my doors again as soon as the other job is done. He expects that will be sometime in the middle of next week. Cool.

This timing isn't too bad because Jack has to mix stain to match, both for the old wood on the front door, and for the new pine on the screen door/storm door. Hmmm... didn't we just get something else made of new pine? That's right! The new screen and storm frames from Bill.

Luckily I was not my usual flaky self when I was on the phone with Jack. I told him all about the frames Bill was going to bring today, and that we intend to stain them. So I asked Jack if he would make us a jar of whatever stain he blends for the storm door/screen door, so mom and I can spare ourselves the tedious process of matching stain. Yea!

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