31 January 2009

Heat Lamps in Cold Bathrooms

One of the greatest things we put in this house are the heat lamps for the bathrooms.

Mom was the one to suggest it, and knowing from experience how nice it was in grandma Millie's bathroom, I knew it was a good idea. Particularly since there is no heat source in either bathroom.

We did discuss putting in the mat type of radiant heating at one point, but my dad said he didn't think it was a good idea. Too much of a risk with leaks. I think he's wrong, but what do I know? I just think he didn't want to be the one to install it. Daddy and grandpa don't like technology.

Anyway, I think it would have helped take the chill off the bathrooms a bit better than the heat lamp on those cold winter mornings. I know you can put them under tile, and I'm pretty sure you can use them with cork as well.

But anyway, the heat lamps are great, and I'm very glad mom suggested them.

They have a timer, I guess so they don't overheat, but I often use the timer like an alarm in the mornings. When the heat lamp goes off, it's time to be done in the bathroom.

I only wish they came in some kind of cool, retro finish. This plastic doesn't really say bungalow to me.


AsifRashid said...

I thought this was a great idea as Im always freezing when I get out of the shower. I found some more great ideas at http://www.onlinebathrooms.com

Jenni said...

I wanted the mat floor heat for under our tiles, but Chris did not see the need. We did place a fan heater in the ceiling, but it doesn't heat the cold tile floor and Chris always talks about how cold the floor is. Oh well....Told him so.....