14 March 2009

Bathing Beauty

Right this moment, Oliver is getting a bath. Lewis sent me this picture with the cell phone.

Doesn't he look miserable? It's just terrible the way we torture this poor creature. Forcing him to be clean and smell nice. It's a shame, I tell you.


Jen said...

What a great picture. Does Oliver love the post-bath towel as much as Pi and K do? There are few things that get them more excited than toweling and rolling around on the carpet (and sometimes...the bed) to get dry. :)

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Oh, yes. We try to get him as dry as possible with towels before we release him from the bathroom. He runs all around the house like a nut, rubbing himself on along the walls, beds, chairs, and carpets. Baths make him very frisky. Eventually, he crashes and sleeps for hours, having worn himself out completely.

Sandy said...

My sister-in-law's dog used to scoot all over the carpet for about 20 minutes like a total maniac! LOL