15 April 2009

Happy Tax Day!

Does anyone else feel beaten, bruised, and battered?

Oli and I spent the afternoon running from one bank, to another, then back to the first bank to use their atm to deposit cash to a third bank. All in the name of Real Estate Taxes.

Top that off with some errands. Fuel for the car, snack at Panera, price comparison at Boscov's where I got this adorable top for half price, the grocery store, then home.

I asked Oli if he wanted to take a WALK to pay the taxes. He said yes, and ran right for the door, but phone distracted me, so he very impatiently waited by the door. When we got to the tax collector's house, she said we could both come in, but Oliver wasn't exactly on his best behaviour, so we won't be doing that again next year. Way to embarrass momma, Oli.

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