21 May 2009

Re-purposing Rubble

We started with a truck load of broken concrete...Mom and I hauled the larger pieces over to the other side of the house, about four chunks in the wheelbarrow at a time, and we slowly built up a little rock wall.
This area along the fence is the bane of my yard. It is steeply sloped away from the house, with a slightly gentler grade from front to back. At only 7' wide, this little strip is at best difficult to mow, at worst dangerous to walk along. It is just too easy to loose your footing or turn an ankle.
Over the past couple of years we have puzzled over how to build this up a bit, and still keep the soil on our side of the fence. Aside from very expensive and drastic measures, this seems to be our best solution. Plus, it was free.
I don't think it looks too bad from the factory's side of the fence, but we'll get a better idea when they have trimmed the weeds and tall grass from their side. Hopefully that's not what's keeping all my rocks from sliding down hill!

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