06 July 2009

Happy Fourth, Oliver!

Oliver is four years old today. Unfortunately for Oli, both Mommy and Daddy had to work today, so it was a pretty uneventful birthday. But don't worry, he had a busy holiday weekend, and we will make it up to him later this week. I'm thinking, maybe a trip to P-e-t-S-m-a-r-t or L-o-w-e-s or B-a-s-s-P-r-o-S-h-o-p...See, here is Oliver helping me with the garden and the landscaping. Doesn't he look like he's ready to spin some tunes? D.J. Oli Doggie!


Jennifer said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Oliver! My pups just turned 3 and 4, too! It's a nice age for a pup.

Sandy said...

Oh Oliver! I'm so sorry I missed your birthday. Hope you got to go to PetSmart and picked out a great new toy.