10 February 2010

The Great Dig Out of 2010

Our view from the porch this afternoon. Not much but snow as far as the eye can see.Snow level with or higher than the porch. Fire hydrant almost obscured.Once there was a narrow path here. Gone in three minutes by the work of a bobcat clearing snow for Lewis' parking spot.Well, best to just dig in.Even Oliver is a bit overwhelmed. Thankfully our neighbor with the snow blower took pity on me again. He came over and did my sidewalk before he started on his! Now if I can just muster the energy to make a batch of cookies to thank them...I'm a bit worried about my young tree. The snow is now as high as the bottom branches. Maybe in the next day or so I will try to dig a moat around the trunk. It is going to be a job moving that much snow.Finally, a view from the street. Not sure I'm getting that car out anytime soon. I've tried to keep it clear, but today's snow was just too much. I'll try again tomorrow.
Oliver says he's cold and can we go back inside yet?

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Jenni said...

aw...look at his cold nose.