12 November 2010

Burgess Stuffer Tomatoes

This tomato was a real surprise. I hadn't really though to pick a tomato solely for the purpose of stuffing, but it suddenly seemed like a great idea when I was plant shopping.

And it turned out to be a pretty good decision. Although we wound up with more of these guys than we could eat or give away. Our one Burgess Stuffer plant produced so many of tomatoes. This pink punch bowl probably holds about 20 tomatoes, and it seemed like it was full all summer! I've never handled a tomato quite like this. They are very light and nearly hollow. It feels like you are handling a bell pepper. And when you cut them open, they are much like a bell pepper, too. There is a small, intensely sweet mass at the center. But they aren't called stuffers for nothing. There is no meat or juicy stuff to scoop out. We ate so many of these with tuna salad in them that I'm not sure I ever want tuna salad again!

We also tried a recipe I found in an old-fashioned cookbook. Sounded better than it tasted, although I think we could work on it some more. The recipe said to place one egg in each tomato, top with spices of our choice and bake. We chose cheese. What? Cheese isn't a spice? Do you know anything that goes better with tomato or egg? Hmm?

Well, they seemed to take forever to bake. Maybe the layer of shredded cheddar kept them from cooking faster. Maybe we don't know what a baked egg is supposed to look like. Who knows? They weren't bad- sprinkled with a bit of salt and pepper. I might try it again sometime. See if I can work perfect this recipe. It sounds like it should work. Maybe I will fill the tomatoes with scrambled eggs next time...

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