13 April 2011

Ever Wonder What Oliver Looks Like Under All That Hair?

Here is my hairy golden retriever. He normally look like this, or even more hairy. But, he is having surgery next week to have a few lumps removed (nothing to worry about!) And those lumps are difficult to find under all that hair. We definitely don't want to put him through surgery only to miss one, so we took him to the groomer to get an extreme summer haircut. Now he looks like this.
Can you believe that's the same doggie? You can really see the yellow lab in him. He looks so skinny! In fact, he lost 2 pounds!


HG said...

Wow, he had two pounds of hair?? He doesn't seem embarrassed by the haircut does he? No more hiding under the table?

Oliver's Bungalow said...

No, the haircut doesn't seem to have affected at all!