20 March 2012

Winter Recap

Oh, no. Seriously? No, no, no. This can't be. Really? I haven't posted since November? Bad blogger!

Let's get caught up.

As you may know, we got the back bedroom done and now we are just down to accessorizing. And we need a headboard. And maybe nightstands. They can all wait until the perfect things come along.

King size bed!
It is a good thing we got this room ready because we had house guests for three weeks over the holidays.

Oli loves to leap on and off the new bed
Oli really loves the view!
We got digital in December, too! We now have a home wireless set up thingie. We upgraded to a blu-ray player, and I reworked our Verizon home services. By changing our outdated home phone plan, we were able add Dish TV and increase our Internet speed and it is now only about $10 more per month.

And we all got sick. So we got to make good use of the new tv service. (Remember, I haven't had broadcast tv in over two years, so I'm like a kid in a candy store.) I fought off multiple infections, including strep throat, double ear infections, fluid in the right ear that didn't want to go away on its own until threatened with tubes (yes tubes! at my age!), an upper respiratory infection that kicked my behind, and a bunch of stuff I'm probably forgetting. I missed a lot of work, but there were days I could hardly move for lack of energy. Mom and Lewis took good care of me. So now, almost three months, three rounds of strong antibiotics and a round of predinsone later, I'm finally feeling like myself again.

On top of all that, I'm playing wedding planner for my cousin's June wedding, advising mom on her new counter top selections, and still helping my aunt find things for her house. Everything is finally rebuilt from the fire and they were able to move back in just a few weeks ago.

Plus, get ready for this, Oliver's Bungalow is gearing up for a major face lift. I'll get into the details later, but here's the short list, slated to begin any day now:

new siding
4 new windows (side and back bedrooms)
roof painted
mini split system installed
re-grading the yard
long term yardscaping plan
fence for Oliver

It is just one of those projects where one thing overlaps another and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of another massive project and a major investment.

Some of the old trees have already been taken down. I'll have to get a couple of good pictures together, but in the meantime, Oliver has been having a blast tearing up root balls and sticks.

tear 'em up!

Oli, is that dirt on your nose?
and your tongue too? silly, happy doggie

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog for the projects, but I have to admit--Oliver is a huge draw. What a handsome boy!

Rachael (bungalowbliss)