17 January 2008

Major Biddle Revisited

Yesterday, Minzdesigns left a comment on this post:

We have the same two prints, one of Major Biddle and the other is not infact his
wife but swedish opera singer Jennie Lind.

The moment I read that name- Jennie Lind- I remember my grandmother telling me that. Thank you so much, Minzdesigns!

That just opens up another question: what the heck does Major Biddle have to do with Jennie Lind? They seem like an unlikely duo.

Were these two prints sold together as a pair? I think so because they are framed exactly alike, and two people have commented on the first post that they have the same set, and my mom tells me that the same prints are hanging on one of the walls in the Crane mansion on the soap Passions. (Now I know I'm in good company.)

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