09 February 2008

Front Door Update

We had some freakishly warm weather this past Wednesday, considering it is February in Pennsylvania. It was blustery, but with temperatures in the low 60s, mom and I couldn't ignore the siren call of the stripping project we started more than a month ago, when we had temperatures in the high 50s in January.

So we hauled out the chemical stripper, orange gloves, and all manner of scrapers. The door, saw horses, and drop cloths were all still out on the front porch, 'cause we're klassy like that.

We set up, and got through two or three layers of stripper. I can't remember which. Mom was doing most of the work, while I was scraping and whining. The wind made it feel like it was in the 40s, not the 60s. My mom is such a good sport.

When we were done, we wiped it all down with mineral spirits, and decided that our next move would be to take the sander to all the flat parts. The sanding I am pretty good at. As for the mullions, I think they are going to get slatered with chemicals a couple more times. I've heard that they make special scrappers for curves and small corners. I must look into this.
You may have noticed that we didn't strip the bottom panel. Well there is good reason for that. As many people suspected, it is in fact a veneer over four vertical boards. I truly don't know how we overlooked it before. I feel kind of silly now, it is so obvious. So since the bottom panel's veneer is so damaged, it will just need to be replaced. Keep in mind, this is the bottom of what was the exterior when it was on my grandparent's house. At the bungalow, it will be on the interior, and the only moisture it will be subject to are Oli nose prints!
Speaking of Oliver, he is anxious for us to complete this project so that he can once again be allowed out on his front porch.

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Jennifer said...

What a cutie! I just love retrievers. The doors we are refinishing right now have the same composition of the bottom style. The veneer is coming loose, also, but since they are interior doors I glued it back on. It seems to be doing well!