20 November 2009

More on the Bedroom

So, here are my two dressers in the back bedroom. Please excuse the mess. Actually, since this may be my next big project, maybe you'd just better get used to seeing this mess!What do you think? Could I make it work with yesterday's idea?

I also gave the sheets some more thought. I could always embroider some seashells, starfish and sand dollars on the hems of two or three sets of pillowcases. A bit of work, yes, but we rarely use the top sheet anyway, so I could just buy the pieces I want in a solid color, save a few dollars, and I can match embroidery thread exactly to my color choice.

1 comment:

Jenni said...

Yes I think the dressers will work great with the bedding in the last post.

I really like that chest and dresser with mirror. The clean lines, a bid of MCM. They are cool.