19 November 2009

Dreaming of a New Bedroom

On this gloomy November day in Pennsylvania, I am dreaming big. I'm dreaming of a new bedroom. I need to reclaim the back bedroom from the boxes, baskets, bags and clutter. We need a king size bed.

The bungalow is generously sized, but the back bedroom is the only one big enough for a king bed and furniture.

We know what kind of mattress we want, another foam mattress like the one in the front bedroom. That's a full size, and it was expensive. The king size will be twice as much. Yikes. But we really need it. Neither of us is happy with the current sleeping situation. It must change and soon.

So, here is today's idea:

The comforter and curtains are of course from JCPenney. The comforter set is on clearance, and only $70 for the king. The curtains (84"length) are $35 per panel x 4 = $140. Unless I can get away with the 72". Then it will be $30 per panel, $120 total. Not sure. Will have to measure. The ceiling is pretty low in that part of the room because it is an enclosed sleeping porch (sad).

There are a couple of other things to consider, too. I don't need-need the curtains, I have a set that will work, at least for now. But I'm in love with the mod circles. And the dressers in that room are painted white, mid-century, curved front, with tapered feet. So, I'm thinking the room should have a mod feel.

Then I remembered these beautiful sand dollar print sheets from the L.L.Bean catalog. They've been in the catalog for years, and I've always wished I had a place for them. Now I might, but guess what? They are discontinued. Figures. I think if I could find something like that, I could have a hint of beach. Add one or two other touches, and that's it. I don't want to overdo it and have it look like one of the Golden Girls' bedrooms!

So, just picture it: sandy color carpet (already there), crisp white trim (only room with painted trim), that gorgeous sea-blue-green bedding, crisp white mod dressers, and those mod circles curtains against slightly lighter sea-blue-green walls.

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