15 April 2010

Meow Towels

This is my first foray into the land of embroidered towels. I was a bit worried about getting all the thread tails secure because the back is exposed and I figure that towels get a lot more wear and tear than pillowcases. I think I did a sufficient job. This pattern is from the brand Tobin and I purchased them from from artscraftsusa.com. I've become a big fan of Tobin's patterns, but they are harder to find. Now, arstcraftsusa has the largest selection of Tobin products that I could find, but I doubt I'll order from them again. Their service was less than stellar. The order trickled in a couple items at a time, over a 6 week period, with no communication or indication of partial orders. There is still one item that I ordered, which I was never charged for, was never sent, but showed up on every packing slip as filled. But, I did placed a large order and I think I bought everything that I want from that store anyway.

Mostly, I used the colors that I had on hand, I only had to order the dark grey to finish the kitties.

Colors used in DMC cotton perle #8:
Black 310
Dark Grey 413
Light Grey 415
Blue 3325
Pink 957
Green 702

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