09 April 2010

Little Doe and Bunny Baby Blankets

My cousin Nikki is expecting her first baby next month, so I made these for her baby shower gift. Along with Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book, an all time favourite of mine. That is part of my standard baby shower gift these days, since the old standby baby ear thermometer is too expensive now that the bungalow takes all my money. But back to the bunny and doe.

The mommy-to-be selected sage green and brown as her nursery colors, and bedding with little does all over. So I looked around for baby deer to embroider. I remembered this adorable doe pattern from doe-c-doe's blog. I keep seeing it pop up on flickr, done in pretty pinks, vibrant pastels, bold aquas and corals, vintage gold, and even on a tee shirt. Then I found just the right colors in this Carter's 4 pack of receiving blankets from JCPenney.

Two of the blankets have such bold patterns that I couldn't really embellish them in any way, but the other two were just asking for some stitching. I decided to do the doe on the green blanket because the little doe would be brown and he would show up best on green. Then my friend Heather drew a bunny for me, using the doe as a model so they would co-ordinate. Isn't she talented? I'm only sorry that the bunny doesn't show up better.

I used DMC cotton perle #8, my favourite.

very light brown 435
cream (from my old stock- I think it is supposed to be white)
dark salmon 3328
salmon 760
light old gold 676
ultra dark coffee brown 938

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Alice said...

Way too cute, without being the typical baby gift.
Well done