19 May 2010

A Lagoon Blue Bathroom for Marc

We saw the shower curtain while shopping at Target one day a few weeks ago. I could tell Marc really liked it, so I scouted out some other pieces. As it turns out, Bed Bath & Beyond has an almost identical bathroom ensemble. I can only imagine that they were made by the same manufacturer for the two different retailers. The colors are all the same, the difference seems to be in the width of the stripes. The set from Target has same-size stripes and the set from BB&B has irregular-width stripes. I think I like that a bit better, so that is the one pictured here. But mostly I think it will come down to price.

So, the towels and shower curtains are both available from Target as well as Bed Bath & Beyond.

The brown accessories and hamper are from BB&B.

The metal wall art is from Pier 1.

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