15 May 2010

An Orange Kitchen for Marc

There were a number of great elements from the citrus kitchen that I really liked, but I just couldn't pull it all together with the mix of coppers, oranges and yellows. This time I focused just on that rich, vibrant orange. Persimmon. You know, the stuff that just popped!

Once again, the tin signs are from Classic Kitchens.

The art poster of the Supertramp album Breakfast in America.

The Kik Step in copper- every kitchen should have one.

The step can from Simple Human.

The bamboo Kapoosh knife block.

Impressions Colors drinking glasses from Libbey.

Persimmon Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

Flame trivet from Koziol.

Salt and Pepper grinders from Zak Designs.

The iconic Fiesta disk-shaped pitcher.

Copper canisters.

Nested mixing bowls in persimmon.

Collapsible measuring cups.

Silicone steamer basket.

Fun casseroles from the Rachel Ray collection.

Three in one slow cooker from Hamilton Beach.

Zyliss veggie peeler in orange.

Slice of orange recycled plastic clock.

Fun orange-handled utensils and kitchen tools.

(I'm not sure Marc even knows who Supertramp is, but I threw that in there anyway because it is just so darned cool. I've always secretly wanted to see that a lovely lemon or citrusy sunlit breakfast nook. I'd put one up myself, but I'm sure Lewis would hate it.)

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