02 August 2010

Tigerella Tomatoes

So, here we have a colander of tigerellas (and maybe green zebras), in various stages of ripeness.

The one at the far bottom, the red and yellow stripey one, is the most ripe and ready to eat.
The red and green stripey one will be ready to eat in a few days.
The ones at the bottom, the white and green stripey ones, won't be ripe till some time next week.
And the three that are yellow and green stripey might be green zebra, in which case they are probably ripe. I cut one up for my salad this evening. Such pretty color.
Hmm. All those green seeds. Maybe it could have waited another day?

I diced it up and threw it on top of my salad for dinner. The verdict is still out. I thought it was a bit tangy, but I've been craving sweet stuff the last few days, so maybe my taste buds are off. On the other hand, maybe it wasn't quite ripe yet.

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