03 August 2010

The Tomatoes are Rolling In!

This is a little basket I sent over to my neighbor. She always loves my cherry tomatoes, but I don't think I'll have many this year. We had lots of volunteer plants, but I didn't purposely plant any of my favourite variety, sweet millions. That was probably a mistake.

So, we have a selection here. One each of black heirloom and white beauty, a handful of tigerellas, yellow pears and sweet millions.I guess I expected them to be bigger, but I'm kind of glad to have some snack size tomatoes. The yellow pears are nice and sweet. It is easy to see how they got their name.The white beauty is kind of a creamy yellow when ripe. You can see four more behind this one, they will probably turn over the next couple of days. It is funny, this big one was sitting on the windowsill all week and I watched it turn in just one day. It seemed every time I went to the kitchen sink on Sunday it was a little less green, a little more yellow.Ah, my black heirloom. Not really black, but not purple either. They smell amazing. Great with bacon in a blt sandwich.

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