30 October 2009

Nouveau Flowers

I saw this beautiful and very simple art nouveau pattern in a pattern book I purchased at JoAnn Fabric. It was one of those impulse buys. I was waiting in the world's longest line, which was not moving, for no apparent reason. But I amused myself by browsing through the book rack next to me. Always dangerous. I have a serious book addiction. But this was a seriously good pattern book, so I bought it! I used a really nice set of pillowcases that I ordered from J.C. Penney, in yellow, which doesn't show up very well in these pictures, does it? The quality is great, and the pleated ruffle is adorable, but the fabric was a bit too stretchy for embroidery.
I did this set for Nanny, and I had her choose the colors she wanted. I'm not in love with the peachy color for the flower, at least not against the yellow pillowcase. Actually, it looks better in the photos than in real life.

I used DMC floss for these, but I have no idea what colors I used because I didn't write them down. Besides, I wouldn't use that particular color combo again, so I guess it doesn't much matter.

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