14 January 2010

Change Of Course

Okay. So, remember all that lovely progress we were making in the back bedroom? Yeah. Well. We've kind of stalled. There are a couple of factors:

1. I am lazy.

2. We couldn't buy the mattress because we are very broke and recognised that we shouldn't go further into debt at this time.

3. Kelly wasn't going to stay with me over the holiday (but in the end she did stay a few days).

4. I've been having misgivings about the color of the bedding I ordered from JCPenney since it arrived. I like it, but I don't love it. The color just isn't right. So I'm going to send back the bedding.

5. I still really like the curtains, and they are really cool, but the colors are also lighter, a perfect match to the too-light bedding. They do come in other colors, so there is hope yet.

6. And then the latest L.L.Bean Home catalog arrived in yesterday's mail...
These are the beautiful sand dollar sheets they've had for years, but weren't available just two months ago when I was online shopping. Maybe they only have them for the spring and summer months?

Then I saw these starfish sheets, and I think I like them even better!

The downside is that they are very blue-blue. Like cobalt glass. And I've really had my heart set on more of a teal blue or a sea-glass blue. Speaking of sea glass...
What's the matter with me? I've never had so much trouble decorating before. Bedrooms are possibly the easiest rooms to decorate, too. Why am I being so wishy-washy?

Maybe I can use the sea glass wreath as color inspiration, using all those hues of blues and greens. Hmm... I know that I can build a whole room around one object. I really love the sheets. Maybe, when I'm truly ready, I'll order them and go from there. Pick the paint next and actually paint the room. Spray the handles on both dressers to match each other. Then buy the mattress. Then pick out a solid comforter and blankets. Gee, it sounds like we won't be revisiting this for a while, but that really sounds like the best course of action.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is a very wise course of action to wait until you are very sure of evrything that you really want for the room before you spend money on something you only sort of like. You may see something else you like even more if you wait.