06 January 2010


Even though we keep the temperature down, the heat still manages to make the house pretty dry. To combat that, we use a combination of devices.

First, these beauties. My trusty humidifiers. I couldn't get through the winter without them. If I get too dry, my sinuses dry out, then my allergies flare up. It's just bad all 'round.We just got this little guy over the weekend, the Vicks V3500N. I think it is just an updated version of the two we already have. It is put together exactly the same way, it just has a slight style change. So far, so good. It seems to put out more water than the older ones, but is slightly noisier.
Don't let the lime scale fool you, this old school method does help. Well, it contributes. I need to get out to the Salvation Army store or Goodwill to find a couple more enamel pans to put around the house. These can do their work when we are not home, and if they dry out, no worries.

The same can be said of this little guy. It is another old-fashioned, evaporative-style model. I ordered it several years ago from Killian Hardware in Philadelphia.
I bought one, figuring that if it worked out well I could give it to my dad, who is a tinsmith, to make more. Unfortunately, I'm not so in love with it that I want more. It only fits in one of the eight radiators in the house, and I inadvertently over filled it one time. As it turns out, you cannot fill it anywhere near the top of the reservoir. See that lime scale line? That's the absolute maximum.

I know there are other options out there, prettier decorative ceramic things that hang on the front, but they are far more costly. So for now, I will have to make do with these.

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