19 January 2010

Christmas Pictures

I just realized today that I never posted any pictures of our Christmas decor. I didn't go all out this year. I keep meaning to, just can't find the time. So we only put up the silver tree again. In fact, I need to take it down tonight because Sheri is coming to clean tomorrow, and since Christmas was like four weeks ago, it is past time to take the tree and gift wrapping supplies back to the basement.

Here is our simple mod tree, sporting new red "berry" style lights. I think a string of 100 may be a bit much for the little tree.
All the gifts seemed to coordinate nicely this year, too. Not planned, but nice. They also lend to the mod feel, I think.And finally, what's a Christmas without a golden retriever in a sea of shredded wrapping paper?It's all fun and games until someone gets a bow stuck to the roof of their mouth!

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