19 July 2010

The Great Book Case Shuffle of 2010

I completed nearly every task in my 34 step plan this weekend. Mostly on Friday, very little each on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Oli was pretty good about staying out of the way for the most part. Except when I had the camera or the vacuum out. For the camera, he poses. For the vacuum, he chases and barks. It is a game.

I won't go through it all because, well, that's boring, and I already bored you with the plan. I started fairly early Friday morning and mostly I followed it, but I did hit a snafu midway through, adjusted my plan, and got through most of the list by bedtime Friday night.

the dining room stacked with stuff waiting to go back on its shelves; Oliver looks on at the activity

I dusted and vacuumed and washed nearly every surface in my living room this weekend, getting to corners and nooks and crannies that can't normally be reached. A good thorough spring cleaning- in the middle of July.

The big bookcase I moved from Oli's room, now in its new spot in the living room. When I had all the shelves out, I thought maybe I could slide it out of its spot to clean. As it turned out, it was quite easy to slide. I popped the feet onto those furniture moving sliders and carefully pushed it straight through the dining room. It is heavy, but manageable.

Also, I knew mom had asked Bill to come over around 6:00 to measure for some new windows (more on that later). So, I got some L-braces at the hardware store and Bill kindly helped me level the book case and install the L-braces.
my big shelf, finally in a good spot, braced to the wall, and loaded with books
my extensive collection of (no less than 26) bungalow-specific books

Oliver posing in the empty spot where the big bookcase had been

This is to be my new "pantry" area, with storage for small appliances that I don't want cluttering the kitchen counter. Even though I measured, and measured, and measured, I still came up 4" too short here. As you can see, I miscalculated. The wide shelving unit was to be flanked by the two shelving towers. That didn't work out. Here is where the plan adjusting came in.
I ended up leaving the record tower where it was, but I emptied, dusted and cleaned the corner, shelf and contents, then gave it a quarter turn. The wall actually looked too empty there anyway, so I think it all worked out for the best.
I guess I did everything on the list, except I'm still working on the last item- finding homes for the clutter. That's kind of never ending. I do have a small stack of old cassette and vhs tapes in the dining room. Not sure what to do with them yet. I loathe to stick anything else in the back bedroom because that is going to soon need clearing too.
I'll take some more pictures of the whole living room now that it is finished. Quick! before it gets dirty again.

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