19 May 2008

Basement Screen Door

We hauled the sawhorses out to the front porch again last week.
Mom and I got busy staining the new screen door for the basement. This one is pretty basic. Bill built it because the basement's back door is pretty low, under six feet I believe.

The door frame is painted, but we chose to do a white stain on the door, for two reasons. One, I already had the can of stain, and two, because I don't want to have to repaint it every couple of years.

So we started out by giving it a wipe down with tackcloth, since it has been sitting around for about a month. We got two coats on each side before it was time to call it a day. I think it needs one more, then we can put some kind of clear coat on the door, call Bill and tell him it is ready. Bill is going to put the screens in and he also bought a metal mesh grill for the bottom section, because he knows what doggie noses can do to a screen.

As an added bonus, the modern screen door tension bar thingy and the modern hinges that came with the new front door's screen door/storm door will be just fine for the basement.

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