29 May 2008

Sawhorses, Oliver and the Figure Eight

I got the final coat of color stain on this basement screen door yesterday. I'm ready to be done with this project, but we have to put a finish coat of some sort on it yet. Guess I'd better see what we have on the paint shelf in the basement.
Oliver wasn't paying much attention to me and my project, so I got started. Don't you know, as soon as I had stain slathered over half the door, here comes Oli, sniffing, wagging, shedding, and weaving his rope between the legs of the sawhorses. There was a tense couple of minutes where I had to tell him to sit and stay, because he had made a figure eight around the legs. He really couldn't go anywhere, and he refuses to unwrap himself by going back the way he came. After I finished the final wipe down and got my gloves off, I was able to lift the sawhorses and free his rope. Then I asked him to please sit on the glider while the door dried, so we don't get golden retriever hair in the wet stain (we did anyway) or get get white stain in his hair (he did anyway).

1 comment:

Sandy said...

What's a little dog hair amongs friends?! LOL

Loved the picture of him watching the stain dry!