10 May 2008

Bright Idea: LED bulbs

I think these are really cool. But, they are also a little too expensive for me just yet. Hopefully, they will soon come down in price.


I don't use the compact fluorescent bulbs because the flicker can cause migraines for me. So you'll only find halogen or traditional incandescent lighting in my house. I know they aren't very green, that is why I'm so very interested in the LED bulbs.


Greg said...

A friend gave me 4, 36-light LED bulbs which I use for exterior flood lights. The security lights on my house are high up and it is a pain to change the bulbs. These things are supposed to last like 60,000 hours or something. One stopped working a week after I put it up. No big deal, really. The others are good but they are not all that bright, and the light has a blueish tinge to it. I think they will be good for secondary lighting, but I couldn't imagine having them in my house for primary lighting.

Stephanie said...

Hooray! I have been waiting for these for so long! CFLs freak me out - I think all of that mercury is an environmental disaster waiting to happen. It's too bad they are so expensive. Hopefully, they'll come down in price soon.

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Stephanie, I'm with you on the mercury, but I think that eventually they will come down in price, much like thd CFLs.

Greg, I also think that they will make improvements to the LED bulbs to make them more residential-friendly. In time. From what I've read, I understand there are several different colors of LED, so maybe they can come up with something that aproximates the good 'ole incandescent.