08 May 2008

World's Largest Dandelion

Some weeding of the flower beds occured on Monday.

That is when we found this: the biggest dandelion I've ever seen. Compare to the size of my gardening glove.Oli was interested in it as well.Too bad I didn't know then about the market for organic dandelions.
After he tore the dandelion to shreds, he became more interested in my glove. He refused to return my gardening glove until I gave into the ransom he demanded: one doggie biscuit.


Jennifer said...

mmm... dandelions. My Molly LOVES it when I weed... because I usually toss the offending plant behind my back. She leaps into the air to catch it, then settles down to chew/play. Too funny!

Anonymous said...


Biggest one in the world

and it's in my backyard

Anonymous said...

I seen one and have a picture of it that was over 4 feet long from root to flower