24 June 2008

Every Mother Thinks Her Babies Are Beautiful

My once thriving hanging plant is looking awfully sad these days. Mother Robin is guarding it carefully. And who can blame her when she's protecting such cuties.
A far cry from just one week ago.
They are surprisingly quiet, but Mother isn't. She makes quite a ruckus when she thinks I'm near. Like when I'm snapping pictures of her babies. Or when I'm minding my own business, working on the yard.
I keep checking the nest, hopefully I'll catch it when they are all out learning to fly, so I can quickly water this poor thing. It has come back from this level of neglect before, so if it can just hold on a couple more days, I think it will be okay.


Jen said...

We have our own nest, quite low in one of our cedar trees. K keeps sitting up or standing on her back legs, for minutes at a time, looking in at them. She is obsessed. Today she make a big chomp toward the nest, and seemed quite shocked when I yelled about it! It's good that Oliver is not trying to get up in there :)

Oliver's Bungalow said...

What a clever girl K is! Standing on her back legs to get a look at the birdies. That would be a great picture. I'm just really lucky that I can keep him away from the babies on the front porch, because he is a bird dog, through and through.