06 June 2008

Room to Roam

I've expanded Oliver's daytime area. He normally has access the long, narrow room at the back of the house that used to be a porch, and the adjoining bathroom.

Last night, I moved his gate so that he now can roam around the kitchen, dining room, Oliver's room, and the bathroom. He was a bit confused this morning, even though I showed him what we were doing last night, and he watched with curiosity as I cleaned and moved things around. (Actually, he mostly barked and chased the vacuum through the cleaning part.)
Mostly, I've done this because the only air conditioner that is installed is in the dining room, and we are having a bit of a heat wave right now. I don't want my little boy to be too hot while I'm not home.

So, cross your fingers, and let's hope he didn't find anything naughty to get into today.


Jennifer said...

Where you a good boy, Oliver?

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Oh, yes. Oli didn't get into any trouble on Friday or Saturday (I had to work). My dad checked in on him on Friday, and nothing was out of place. Although, as I suspected, he was sleeping in the shower when I got home. On Saturday, my mom checked in on him and all she said was that he was glad to see her.

I think he is just glad to have extra space for rolling the treatball.