20 June 2008

Slight Hail Storm Damage

We just had a brief hail storm here. Thankfully it did minimal damage. One small porch plant got knocked over. Strange, because it was in the middle of a cluster of potted plants. And my largest tree, the one I always worry about during storms, only suffered a few small broken branches and one sizable branch.
20 June 2008

This is nothing like the violent hail storm we had last summer. One year ago yesterday, in fact. I was almost home when it started, and I could hardly see the road. Most people were pulling over, but I only had about six blocks to go, and wanted to get home to make sure Oliver was safe. It was absolutely the worst storm I can ever remember, and it downed trees all over the neighborhood. My neighbor across the street, Mike, came out out on his front porch too, and we kept a close eye on the sky. I would not have been surprised to see a funnel cloud that day. We lost power for a couple of hours, although I don't know if it was the whole town, or just our street because of the giant tree branch hanging on the lines. No one was hurt, thank goodness.

Anyway, I lost about the top third of my biggest tree that day. It is the only one that provides major shade to the house, so I was really upset. And we were afraid it might need to come down altogether, but we've just let it go, and it seems to be doing okay.
19 June 2007
Another huge branch of it fell over the fence, onto the factory's yard. It did no damage to their building or the fence, and they were really good about it. They had many trees down elsewhere and had some of their guys to clean it up, and offered to take care of that branch for me. That was really great, because I would have had to hire someone.


goddessof4 said...

We have been having really bad rain storms in Wisconsin.We were at a clients house of ours and it started pouring .It looked bad but we were inside,it turned out the wind knocked down several large trees from the roots and some trees fell thru some roofs.It was really scary!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Glad nothing big came down today! We've been thankful ever since we had our trees massively pruned last year... not too much to worry about anymore!