26 June 2008

Tree Identification Needed

The tree on the left is my biggest tree, and the only one that offers any substantial shade on the house. (The one on the left is a junk locust, and it has tripled in height in the past five years. It'll grow fast, but need to be taken out sooner.)

But my big tree is old and majestic. And I love it. I just don't know what it is.

It offers a lovely canopy under its willow-y branches. It makes cool, sun-dappled shade on the hottest part of the house.Here is a close up of the leaves:
As I've mentioned before, it has seen some storm damage, and I'm worried it may be near the end of its life cycle. I wouldn't be too surprised if this tree is as old as the house.
Can anyone tell me what kind of tree this is?


dynochick (Jan) said...

Looks like an elm tree.

If it starts getting dead branches it has Dutch Elm disease.

I've had perfectly good elm trees completely die in one summer. All of a sudden leaves turn yellow and drop.

At my other house I had a locust tree that was huge. My neighbor remembered when it was planted and it was roughly 55 yrs old. It gave us deep shade but had a tendency to have a lot of dead smaller branches and twigs. Every two years we would do a little trimming of the branches. It was an excellent shade tree and no leaves to rake.

Jenni said...

Is it a Beech? Maybe.


We have two like trees in our yard and I have been meaning to id them as well.

This is a neat site for ID ing trees.

Anita said...

From the shape of the leaves -- it appears to be an elm of some kind. Possibly Siberian? The tree itself does look Siberian in the picture but it's hard to tell....

But the serrated-edged leaves in that particular grouping is definitely elm.

Hope that narrows it down for ya!

Anita said...


john m said...

I'd guess an elm or a hackberry.

Amalie said...

Looks like maybe an elm::


That was my first guess, anyway. We have a couple in our yard and they provide wonderful shade.

Oliver's Bungalow said...

WOW, thanks everyone! It sounds like everyone thinks it is an elm tree. Some guy my mom knows said he thought it was an elm, too. I'll have to do a bit of research about the Dutch elm disease. I really hope my tree doesn't have that.

sairey1 said...

I think it might be a poplar?