16 November 2007

House Tour: Dining Room After

And now, today...
The walls are painted a very soft shade of spun pink. I wish the color was a bit more obvious, but I was afraid to go much darker. In a room this size that had the potential to be too much pink. I just wanted a blush of pink to set off the couple pieces of pink depression glass from my great-grandfather Norman.
I think I still need more stuff on the walls, but it comes slowly. Almost everything is a hand-me-down, mostly from my grandmother.
Now the dining room wall is returned to its original location, and that puts the whole room back in proportion. That makes me so happy.
Both sets of French doors have been stripped of their paint (one set still hanging on the wall they moved, was a dingy white, the other set found in the basement, had been painted half mint green, half liliac), and re-hung.
Now, two small radiators, evenly spaced, make for a much better look. Plus the large one used to be partly in the window bump-out, and I was just never comfortable with that. The floor does slope down there.

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Anonymous said...

It looks great. The wood floors are so nice. The room looks so much bigger the way you have now.