19 November 2007

Oli in the Dining Room

Someone pointed out that Oliver was not in any of the Dining Room after pictures. So here he is, under the dining table.
You see, Oli doesn't hang out in the dining room too often, unless there is food involved, of course. He is usually very good, he doesn't pest or beg, he simply makes himself available, should any food spontaneously jump off the table.

On a house-related note, I have been having trouble with the legs of this dining table. It belonged to my grandmother (like most of the furniture), and we had to disassemble it for a few years while it was stored at my mother's house.

There are two of these legs, with three curved legs off the main trunk. The problem seems to be where the pieces meet, they are separating from the weight of the table. Now I know that one has been loose most of my life (I used to play under that table at grandma's as a child: the way the legs fit together made good room divisions for Barbie's house- I liked arranging the furniture best). The other five curved legs seem to have come loose recently, possibly from the change in temperature, humidity, etc. when it was moved from grandma's to mom's house.

I had Jack, my favourite wood restorer, look at it right before Christmas last year. He took it all apart, re-glued and reinforced the pegs. I let it set twice as long as Jack said I needed to, just to be on the safe side. Now, these joints seem to be getting loose again, making the whole table wobbly. Just in time for Christmas dinner.

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