23 November 2007

House Tour: Downstairs Bathroom After

This is the downstairs bath, adjacent to Oliver's room. Now part of Oliver's suite. I believe this room (as well as Oliver's room) used to be part of the back porch. While two windows are definitely original to the house, and look like they have been in the same place since 1930, I'm not sure why they would have been on the porch.

Oliver spends hot days laying in the shower. Sometimes I run the cold water for a few seconds before I leave in the morning. The large shower head continues to drip water (not from a leak, just pressure) for a while, and I have seen Oli chase the drops, trying to bite them. So, fun and cool.

The shower pan, sink, toilet, and all faucets are from American Standard.

I love the taller toilet. I belive American Standard calls it right-height. They are between 17 and 18" tall. I think most "standard" toilets are between 12 and 14" tall. Trust me, those extra couple of inches in height make a big difference. I realize this might be a strange thing to talk about in some circles, but I want to let any housblogger out there know: if you are replacing your toilet, and going with something brand new, give the taller toilet a try. I'm not a tall person (5'4"), but many in my family are a bit on the tall side. My fibromyalgia causes pain in my hips, and I seriously appreciate not having to crouch so much. Okay, that's enough about toilet preferences.

The counter and the shower walls are Swanstone. The cabinets are from KraftMaid. The floor is cork.

Oliver likes the cork floors because they do help to insulate a bit better. It can get very chilly in this bathroom during the winter since it is over an uninsulated part of the basement.

I'm very pleased with this bathroom. We had it completed before we gutted the upstairs bathroom, so we would have a place to bathe and other necessities. I know it isn't very old looking, and I never intended it to be. We are fairly certain this bathroom was not part of the original floorplan, so it didn't have to look original. Instead, we tried to keep with the overall feel of the house. Quality cabinets, fixtures, faucets. High ceilings, and original woodwork.

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jolie said...

Oliver is adorable and lives in a wonderful house. He is such a ham in your photographs. He must love his new room and I'm sure he helps with all the remodeling! Oliver, keep on with the blog it's great to watch your progress.