23 October 2009

House Numbers, Finally

At long last, we finally got around to mounting the new house numbers on the front porch!
We've only had these pretty metal numbers for the last four years, and since we installed the new old door last August we've been completely without house numbers. This became a big problem a few weeks back when I was expecting guests who had never been to my neck of the woods.
So, my friend Marc got roped into helping me put these up one day a few weeks ago. He's such a good sport. Please forgive the bug dirt, dust and pencil markings. Actually, does anybody know what will remove those pencil markings from the metal siding?


Ryan said...

rubbing alcohol should remove the pencil. or probably vodka too. I hate my house numbers and have been meaning to make new ones. I just can't figure out the best place to put them. I think next to my mail box?

Monique said...

To remove the pencil marks, I would suggest a good quality vinyl eraser such as a Staedtler Mars plastic or a Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser. Both are available at office supply stores I think (at least the Staedtler is available at Staples). Looks great and it's nice to see you back in bloggy land.