26 October 2009

Vibrant Whimsical Butterflies

This kit is called Whimsical Butterflies and it is from the company Dimensions.
I love how each of the critters turned out, so full. But I did have a little difficulty getting started with the contrasting edges. I couldn't figure out if it worked best to do the edges first then the fill, or the other way around. I don't think I ever decided. The puffy satin stitches makes such a neat texture. A lot of work, but worth it. I think these would be perfect for a little girl. I don't have anybody in mind at the moment, so I just have this set stashed away for now.

By now you know I didn't use the recommended colors, mostly because I didn't have them, and partly because I liked these better. I love, love that green. This time I used regular embroidery floss.
Dark purple- DMC 3350
Light purple- DMC 3835
Bright pink- DMC 154
Bright yellow- DMC 728
Bright green- DMC 581

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