25 October 2009

Summer Flowers

We had a lot of gorgeous sunflowers this year, as well as some other really nice flowers. The garden got started so late because of all the rain, then I neglected my plants because of the major life upheaval. The plants were lucky mother nature was looking out for them, raining a bit almost every day for most of the summer.
Unfortunately, since I was too tired to tend, weed, or even water the plants, I also didn't get around to taking any pictures of the garden this year. I wish I had realized this a few weeks ago, because the front bed looked really nice all planted with tomatoes, zucchini, swiss chard, marigolds, basil and cosmos. This was my first year of making a concerted effort at companion planting, too. Oh well. There's always next year.

I did take a picture of some cut flowers Lewis brought into the house for me one day. Pretty red sunflower, some cosmos, calendula and a black-eyed susan.

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