22 October 2009

Pretty Posies

This set of pillowcases was a kit from Bucilla called Pretty Posies. Posies! I always think of my grandma Gloria when I hear the word posies.
I used DMC cotton perle #8 again. I have so much of that kind of thread, I'll never use it all! In fact, three of the four colors I used on this project were new. I'm trying to use the old stuff up, but the colors just weren't right. I'm so pleased with how this set turned out. The pattern is simple, but so pretty. I had intended to do this set for myself (a first) but when it was done I couldn't help thinking about how much my grandma Gloria would like this set. She was very pleased when I gave them to her. Now I just have to do another one for myself!
Medium green- DMC 703
Pale green- DMC 369
Yellow- DMC 726
Pink- DMC 899

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