02 July 2008

Baby Robins Flew the Coop

On Friday, I snapped these pictures of the babies. Mother Robin was not happy, so I was quick.

By Monday, only this defiant little guy was left in the nest, and he took off just after I snapped the second picture.

I thought they might come back, so I quickly gave the plant a drink, its first in weeks. I've had a watering can sitting by for days with room-temperature water, waiting for them to all be out of the nest on a flying lesson. Mother Robin seriously objected, and tried to dive-bomb me. Neither she or any of the babies have been back to the nest since. I hope it's not because of the water. The poor plant was so parched, most of the water ran straight through, anyway. On the upside, it seems like my sweet potato vine will make a comeback, but the asparagus fern looks a bit worse for the wear. Oh well. I won't be overwintering this plant this year. I don't want it in the house because the birds may have had mites or something, and as we've established, I don't like bugs.

Next task: put the porch back the way it belongs. It looks all haphazard and more junky than usual because I moved furniture (so it didn't get bird droppings) and I move plants to create a natural barrier to protect the babies from any predators (like the neighborhood cats that ignore Oliver and strut around on his porch at night).

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Jennifer said...

What cute little birdies! I think that they don't go back to the nest once they leave it... I bet the plant appreciated the drink, though!