05 July 2008

I'm A Cheater, I'll Admit It

I was in a baking mood Thursday night. My co-workers always benefit from this mood. But I didn't have a whole lot of ambition, so I grabbed a box mix. This is the Gingerbread mix from Betty Crocker. It was the most simple mix I have ever made: one box mix, one egg, some water. Mix it all up right in the baking pan. Almost nothing to wash. Now that's my kind of mix.
Dust the top with a little powdered sugar...
...and done!
I have no qualms about using box mixes. I'm also quite capable of making cakes and cookies from scratch, but usually, why bother? Mostly I'm making things for a crowd at work, and until recently, I've never told them I cheat. And after I admitted it, they didn't care. In fact, one woman I work with wanted to know what brand I use, like that made a difference somehow.

Someone once told me that most people can either cook or bake, and it is a rare person who can do both well. I'm definitely a baker. Oh, don't get me wrong, I can follow a recipe and make a tasty meal, but I'm not like Lewis, who can open the fridge, pull out some seemingly random stuff, and come up with a masterpiece. Which he can never duplicate later. But, boy can I bake. Just ask my bff co-worker Marc.

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Sandy said...

I have something for you and Oliver over at my spot. Please come and see!