26 July 2008

Cucumber Harvest

So, I've picked six cucumbers in the last 48 hours. And one bell pepper. What am I going to do with all these cucumbers? I have three cucumber plants, and they are just getting started.

See the misshapen cuc there on the far right, next to the bell pepper? That one grew wedged between the porch pillar and the lattice that the plant is climbing. It is all flat on one side, and I'm not sure it is going to be any good.We know there are tons of great recipes for zucchini, but how 'bout recipes for an over abundance of cucumbers?

Help a girl out, share your cucumber recipes.


Sandy said...

I think there are recipes for cucumber relish... and then of course you could can them... if I can find a recipe, I'll put it on here.

Jenni said...

Pickles are easy.
Our cucumbers have not done well this year.