16 July 2008

Jack was Back

Jack delivered something today. Do you know what it was? A couple of somethings, really. And I've been waiting since February. Can you remember back that far?

That's right! Doors!
The storm door/screen door frame, along with the screen inset and the storm inset, and the actual new old front door.

I called Bill as soon as Jack left this morning, and asked him when he might be able to get them hung. He said he'd try to squeeze it in this week, but he wasn't sure. Next week he's on vacation. But I think Bill knows how excited I am to see this finished, so I think he'll get here as soon as he can.

Jack is not happy with the way the rest of the frame around the front door is weathering, so he said he will come back after Bill has hung the new doors. This way Jack can finish anything Bill needs to trim, and give the whole thing a new coat of finish. Something more durable. I honestly think this is really terriffic of Jack, I mean I know we are paying him for this project, and I think his price is quite reasonable, but I'm impressed he's willing to fix a problem that was made by someone else.

The door trim seems to be getting lighter and the wood is looking awfully dry. I'm not sure why, because it is under the porch, mostly protected from the elements. It gets the sun only early in the morning, and is in shadow by 10 AM. I suspect it didn't recieve the proper finish coat for an exterior. I mean, it has only been like three years. Seriously.

But don't worry, Jack is going to fix it.


Jen said...

Those are just beautiful! Congratulations :)

Jenni said...

Those doors are GREAT!!! I am soooo jealous.

Small Town Florida said...

HI! COuld you tell me what exterior color you used? I love that shade of green. THanks so much.

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Thanks, Small Town Florida. I'm rather fond of that green, too, but I can't take credit for it. Sometime back in the seventies the house went from stucco to siding. So, I have some previous owner to thank for that color choice. (Along with some other things I don't like as well.)