18 August 2008

Cleaning Day or The Arrival of Sherri

Today we need to whip this house into shape. There's a party this weekend, and this little bungalow needs to sparkle.

Mom's friend Sherri, who is a champion cleaner (she does it for a living), has agreed to help us out this week. Sherri is great. She has almost as much energy as Oliver, she just gets right in there, and a few hours later, your place looks great. It is such a relief to know that all I have to do is pick up stuff and put things away. Sherri will do all the cleaning. And much faster than I ever could. Take the bathroom, for instance. Sherri will have it clean from top to bottom in an hour. It would take me all day. Not that I even would do the whole bathroom at once, I usually do one piece one day, another piece later. It is nice to have it all done at once. Then I can concentrate on preparing food.

Gratuitous Oliver picture, because, hey, what's a blog post without a photo, right? Besides, he's a major contributor to the dirt in this house!

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