28 August 2008

Problems With The Locks

When my grandparents used this door, the hardware was quite different. This didn't suit my house, but my friend Josh was quite happy to have the old lockset.

The new knob and deadbolt set I'm using needs completely different holes, so I needed the old holes to be filled in. I did ask Jack to do that, but I guess he forgot, so Bill took care of it. He's such a good sport.Unfortunately, after Bill filled in the spaces, the door looked funny, with its splotches and patches. That's where Jack works his magic.Jack came last Wednesday to do all the touch-ups to the front door, including trying to disguise the patch job. It actually is less noticeable in person than in these photos. Jack did a pretty good job. I was debating the need for a back plate, but now I'm thinking that would just draw more attention to the problem area. I think we'll just leave it as is for now.

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