31 August 2008

Curtains or Shades?

I had a nice fabric roller shade (from JCPenney, of course) on the old front door. It matches all the other roller shades in the living room, entry, and up the staircase. But I'm not sure I want to install the roller shade on the new window. See, I do need something up there, I just feel too exposed with nothing on this giant window, but I love the extra light it is letting in.

I've been thinking about new curtains for this area for nearly a year now. I did have golden colored sheers up, but they made everything too yellow. I'd like to get the Stripped Semi-Sheer Tailored Curtains from Country Curtains. In the natural color. And, I ordered one panel of these for the upstairs bathroom window, in white, and I really like the fabric. It is simple, but the stripe gives it a little texture.

I guess I really do know what I want, the question is just this: should I buy them all now, just order the door panel now, or put the old roller shade up and wait to order all the curtains at once?

Keep in mind, there are 7 windows, 2 sidelights, and 1 door panel to re-dress in this area, so it is going to cost me almost $300.

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