10 August 2008

Hydrangeas in Antique Colors

This is the second set of pillowcases I've embroidered. Hydrangeas, by Dimensions. Of course, I couldn't use the colors recomended on the package, no siree. I had to choose my own, you know. Actually, now that they are done, I'm not sure hydrangea flowers really come in these colors, but they have that nice, soft, old fashioned feel that I wasn't getting from the more, shall we say, vibrant colors on the package.

I used:
DMC pink 223
DMC purple 3740
DMC green 3364
DMC yellow 437

And, since there is a matching dresser scarf, you know I had to buy that for a future project. I guess I'd better keep a close eye on who selects which set of pillowcases from my basket this Christmas, so I know who to give the matching pieces to next year.


Jennifer said...

Very nice! What craftsmanship! I would be so pleased to get something like that as a gift.

Jenni said...

These are beautiful! Very nice craftsmanship. Love the sunflower.